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Hey, my name is Catharine Nancy Simon and I am a poetess. I have written a poem on a 100 pages, inspired by the Holy Scriptures, called IT IS WRITTEN. It is written over a period of 2 years, when I was studying the Bible. It was the formed of the notes I took of the most beautiful passages, and hence it became an entire poem. I have also performed as a Spoken Word Artist since 2007 and an ebook of the many poems I have performed are available on Amazon and Saxo while my Spoken Word albums are available on iTunes

I love crystals and I am fond of their many intrinsic powers. Rose Quartz, Tourmaline and Hematite are known for arbsobing negative energy, such as the electro magnetic frequencies known as EMF, that radiates from all electronic devices. Therefore I usually keep on of these stones near my computer and it lead me to developing a collecting of wearables. I have made a collection of crystal embroidered accessories that you can wear easily and stay safe wherever whenever. The happy hats actually makes you think brighter and be happy at the same time. You find them in the shop. Shipped worldwide.